Maldonado pulls community, city, county and state resources to fight crime.

Alderman Maldonado shuttered a local store in 2013 that attracted gangs and spoiled neighbors' well-being. WTTW covered the story.

Maldonado Deployed 4 tactics on West Hirsch to restore the street to peace and quiet

(September, 2016) In the wake of several recent shootings on the 2600 Block of West Hirsch Street, Aldermen Maldonado and 14th District Commander Saldana met with concerned residents to explain 4 tactics to remove gang members from two buildings on 2600 W. Hirsch and loiterers from the surrounding area. "There are a handful of gang bangers on this block who are terrorizing the other residents," stressed Maldonado. "There can be no peace for families who live here to raise their families as long as these criminals are in control."

1. Emergency "Hot Spot" Police Patrols Deployed
The area around Hirsch/Washtenaw and Talman between Hirsch and LeMoyne was designated 7-day emergency “hotspot" by the 14th Police district Commander. Beat cops have been patrolling the area around the clock since Sept. 9th and stationing patrol cars at various locations in the area. 
2643 W. Hirsch
2. Pressuring Landlord
Commander Saldana said that 2643 W. Hirsch appears to be the epicenter of the crime problems.
City inspectors were called to evaluate 2643 W. Hirsch. It is now on the Troubled Buildings List.
So far, the landlord has not cooperated with the police or the Alderman.

Alderman Maldonado has requested an emergency inspection which will be done with or without the owner’s cooperation. This may lead to the discovery of additional building violations as well as evidence of criminal activity by the tenants. The owner may cooperate as a result and remove the problem tenants.

3. Removing Loiterers
Police will receive a list of approved tenants at 2643 W Hirsch and the problem Bickerdike buildings on Talman between Hirsch and LeMoyne. Emergency "Hot Spot" designation allows the police to remove loiterers. If they return within 12 hours, they will be arrested.    
2633 W. Hirsch

4. Rehabbing CHA property at 2633 W. Hirsch
The building is slated for renovation. All tenants in the process of moving. Once renovated, all tenants must re-apply and be in good standing to return.


Alderman Maldonado Deploys Sheriff, Corrections Dept. to prevent crime

1. Cook County Sheriff's Department is now making home visits to all those on electronic monitoring and finding those with outstanding warrants in the Humboldt Park area, as a result of Alderman Maldonado's efforts to quell crime in the Ward

The Electronic Monitoring Program allows non-violent, pre-trial and short-time sentenced inmates to remain in the community where appropriate. In June, 2015, the Sheriff's Department started making home visits in the 26th Ward to verify compliance with the program. Those found non-compliant will be returned to the county jail. The Sheriff's Department is also searching for those with outstanding warrants in the area.
2. Illinois Department of Corrections, Maldonado Addressed 160 Parolees in a Mandatory Meeting at Humboldt Park Field House
Also in June of 2015, the Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections and Alderman Maldonado addressed about 160 parolees living in the Humboldt Park area. They were mostly men in their thirties, many were in their 20s or 40s.
Any parolee who didn't attend this meeting would have been violating the terms of their parole which would result in being returned to prison.

All speakers reminded them of their opportunity to turn their lives around and protect their loved ones from a life of crime and imprisonment.  The Alderman reminded them that their prison time is a lesson to many young people who might think the gang life is glamorous and has no negative consequences. He a
sked them to warn these youth to not follow in their footsteps.