City Council Passes Maldonado's Sexual Harassment Policy for City Contractors

(March 28, 2018) Chicago City Council passed the Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy for City Contractors Ordinance today. Introduced by Alderman Roberto Maldonado earlier in March, it requires city contractors receiving taxpayer money to have a comprehensive sexual harassment policy to prevent harassment in their workplace. “Companies that do not care enough to develop and enforce sexual harassment policies have no place sharing in City business,” Alderman Maldonado said. Continue reading

Maldonado Supports Student Protest; Urges Gun Control Measures

Maldonado Supports Student Protests to End Gun Violence; Urges State Senate to Override Rauner's Veto (March 14, 2018)--“I couldn't be prouder of my two sons today--one in high school, the other in elementary--as they joined their fellow students across the country to ban assault weapons," said 26th Ward Alderman Roberto Maldonado. “These student protests represent a renewed momentum in the critical fight to stop gun violence.” Last week Maldonado joined 49 other Alderman and Mayor Emanuel by signing a letter which urged Gov. Bruce Rauner to sign legislation requiring gun dealers in Illinois to obtain state licenses. Governor Rauner vetoed the Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB1657) yesterday. Maldonado said, "Injuries from gun violence are the leading cause of death for children in Illinois. The Illinois State Senate should override the veto and protect our children. This legislation will reduce a major source of illegally trafficked guns from entering our communities, our cities and our state.”

Maldonado Proposes Legislation Further Strengthening Sexual Harassment Protections

(February 28, 2018)--Alderman Roberto Maldonado today introduced legislation requiring all companies seeking city business to have a comprehensive sexual harassment policy. The ordinance was introduced in the Workforce Development Committee where Maldonado is Vice-Chair. “Companies that do not care enough to develop and enforce sexual harassment policies have no place sharing in City business,” Alderman Maldonado said.  Continue reading

Police Union Contract Must End "Code of Silence"

Since 2004, the City of Chicago has paid out a staggering sum of $625 million to victims of real and alleged police misconduct.  Think about that for a moment.  Remember the outrage over the $540 million property tax increase that I voted against? Well, these settlements are $85 million more than that coming out of the pockets of renters and owners alike. If we had common sense reforms in place twenty years ago, much of that $625 million in lawsuits and settlements could have been averted.  Simply put, Chicago taxpayers cannot afford to ignore the way we police our citizenry. Therefore, I have proposed three common sense reforms to restore citizens’ trust in our police.   Continue reading

Our Disability Taskforce Will Increase Employment, Education

Jointly created by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Roberto Maldonado, the Task Force on Employment and Economic Opportunity for People with Disabilities launched today to advise the city on relevant policies and programs to increase employment and other opportunities to benefit residents with disabilities. “There is no question that the only way to succeed in today’s economy is with a strong education and well-paying job,” said Alderman Maldonado. “This Task Force will address the employment  gap for persons with disabilities head on, with a goal of opening new doors of opportunity that will  lead to economic advancement for everyone in our city.” Continue reading

Keeping the 26th Ward Affordable for Our Neighbors, Next Generation

Can you guess how many Chicago households can buy a million dollar home? If you guessed less than 5%--you're right!But the 26th Ward's history is all about the 95%. And I want to keep it this way--for our current neighbors and the next generation of families to come. This City Lots for City Living Program will keep Humboldt Park in its historical place, serving the 95%." Continue reading

I'm pressing CPD to fill police shortages in 12th and 14th Districts

In response to an uptick in crime, Alderman Roberto Maldonado has requested a meeting with First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro to urge him to assign more police officers to the 12th and 14th Police Districts. Independent sources report the current combined shortage exceeds 50 police officers in these two districts. Maldonado explained, " Police Commanders' Kulbida (12th) and Saldana (14th) need these men and women to restore peace and quite to the 26th Ward. Despite newly added officers, these districts still suffer shortages. I want to be proactive and prevent crimes instead of reacting to them." Continue reading

I voted "YES" on the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund

As the main sponsor of the first County Sanctuary Ordinance in the nation--which I championed in 2007 when I served as a Cook County Commissioner--I am proud to join the Mayor in establishing this fund to, once again, protect our undocumented residents from threats of deportation. Continue reading

My Ordinance for Snow Parking Will Stop Car Towing for 1st Violation

As the City of Chicago's Winter Parking Ban takes effect, Alderman Roberto Maldonado will be urging his fellow Aldermen in the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety to pass a proposed ordinance so that motorists will first receive a warning citation before getting towed. This is now the second year in a row the Alderman has proposed revising the winter parking ban. Maldonado explained, "I'm calling for a warning notice for first time violators of the overnight parking ban. The City should be cutting drivers a bit of slack." Continue reading