My Ordinance for Snow Parking Will Stop Car Towing for 1st Violation

As the City of Chicago's Winter Parking Ban takes effect, Alderman Roberto Maldonado will be urging his fellow Aldermen in the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety to pass a proposed ordinance so that motorists will first receive a warning citation before getting towed. This is now the second year in a row the Alderman has proposed revising the winter parking ban.

Maldonado explained, "I'm calling for a warning notice for first time violators of the overnight parking ban. The City should be cutting drivers a bit of slack."

Arterial streets like North Avenue and Kedzie Boulevard are important spots for overnight parking in the 26th Ward--but they can't be used from Dec. 1st to April 1st. Many motorists forget this. They face tickets; worse their car is towed.

According to DNAInfo's Heather Cherone, "the city bans parking on 107 miles of arterial streets from 3 to 7 a.m. daily. The ban is a precautionary measure in case the city needs to plow the streets after a snowfall, but it remains in effect even if it doesn't snow. Drivers who ignore — or forget about — the ban will get socked with a $60 parking ticket, a $150 tow fee and $20 per day in storage fees."

Maldonado continued, "Last December, I submitted an amendment to the Winter Parking Ban which requires city ticketing agents to issue a warning for a first violation. This  will require some effort on City departments to ensure compliance. But it's worth the effort."