Maldonado Proposes Legislation Further Strengthening Sexual Harassment Protections

(February 28, 2018)--Alderman Roberto Maldonado today introduced legislation requiring all companies seeking city business to have a comprehensive sexual harassment policy. The ordinance was introduced in the Workforce Development Committee where Maldonado is Vice-Chair.

“Companies that do not care enough to develop and enforce sexual harassment policies have no place sharing in City business,” Alderman Maldonado said. 

Under the measure, “Any solicitation for a contract advertised or otherwise communicated on or after June 30, 2018, and any contract entered into as a result of such solicitation, shall include a specification that the contractor shall, in a form or manner prescribed by the chief procurement officer, affirm that the contractor and all of its subcontractors have a Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy.”

The proposal further stated, “a contractor's failure to comply with this section shall constitute an event of default. In the event of default for failure to comply with this section, the chief procurement officer shall notify the contractor of such noncompliance and may, as appropriate: (i) issue the contractor a 30-day opportunity to cure; (ii) terminate the contract; or (iii) terminate the contract and rebid the remaining contract amount. This section shall not be construed to prohibit the city from also prosecuting any person who knowingly makes a false statement of material fact to the city pursuant to Chapter 1-21 of this Code.”

A comprehensive sexual harassment policy was described as a policy that defines sexual harassment, includes a mechanism to register a complaint, provides for an investigative body empowered to make a determination and impose penalties including sexual harassment training requirement.

Under the legislation the Chief Procurement Officer is authorized to adopt rules and regulations for its proper administration and enforcement.

The ordinance would become effective on passage and publication.