I Urge Swift Passage of TIF Ordinance for CPS

If a strike occurs, I will stand in solidarity with the teachers walking the picket line. As a single parent with 3 children attending public schools, I stand with our union teachers and their valuable support staff of assistants, librarians, counselors and school nurses.

TIF surplus taxes must be sent to our schools.
As Alderman, it is my duty to ensure that we have high-quality public schools. That's why I've co-sponsored an ordinance to send TIF surplus money to our schools. I pledge to push for speedy passage. According to Cook County Clerk David Orr, Chicago TIFs will produce a surplus of $461 million this fiscal year. Most of this surplus money is currently being banked in downtown TIFs.

Despite decades of fiscal mismanagement, some political leaders seek to blame the teachers for the school budget deficit. That must stop.  Soaking the working-class homeowner, shortchanging our teachers, and building more charter schools must stop too.