I'm pressing CPD to fill police shortages in 12th and 14th Districts

In response to an uptick in crime, Alderman Roberto Maldonado has requested a meeting with First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro to urge him to assign more police officers to the 12th and 14th Police Districts. Independent sources report the current combined shortage exceeds 50 police officers in these two districts.

Maldonado explained, " Police Commanders' Kulbida (12th) and Saldana (14th) need these men and women to restore peace and quite to the 26th Ward. Despite newly added officers, these districts still suffer shortages. I want to be proactive and prevent crimes instead of reacting to them."

Commander Saldana will have a dedicated beat car on Washtenaw between 3pm and 4:45pm to protect students leaving Albizu Campos High School and children attending the Boys and Girls Club--in response to the recent midday shooting on Washtenaw and Division. Police report that the shooting was between a drug lord and another drug dealer refusing to pay the "street tax" to sell drugs on this corner.  The offender has recently been released from prison and living with a relative in a Bickerdike building on the 1200 block of N. Campbell.  Bickerdike management has finalized the relative’s eviction which will take effect in late May.

Ald. Maldonado recently met with Commander Anthony Escamilla (25th) to address the escalation of crime and prostitution in the 25th District.  Maldonado reported, "Even with the Prostitution Unit reactivated, prostitution is on the rise. I have assigned office staff to monitor these areas. But the public can help.  I urge residents on these streets to co-operate with the police by calling 911."

Prostitution runs along the following street route in the West Humboldt Park area: Kamerling & Pulaski, moving north to LeMoyne, east on LeMoyne and spreads to the alley of Harding from Avers, Springfield, and Ridgeway, running north to North Ave. and east to St. Louis.

Undercover operations, established by Commander Escamilla (25th), will be concentrated on these streets.