Hurricane Relief Center

Hurricane Resource Center Opens in 26th Ward's Humboldt Park

(November 1, 2017)--The Hurricane Resource Center, managed by the City of Chicago's Office of Emergency Management & Communications and the Department of Family and Support Services, opens tomorrow in the Humboldt Park Fieldhouse at 1400 N. Sacramento Ave.
It will be staffed two days a week on Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 4pm until December 19th. Future hours will be reported here.
Alderman Roberto Maldonado reported, "At this Center Puerto Ricans will find all the help they need to make Chicago their new home: housing, food, clothing, healthcare and education. After landing, this will be their first stop in Chicago."
Evacuees will receive:
  • Access to city services: Initial casework to assess needs of clients and provision of services
  • Health: Access to medical information and services
  • Persons with disabilities: Access to services for persons with disabilities
  • Clothing and further assistance: Access to clothing and further services
  • Housing: Assistance with access to housing and support into current programs
  • Schools: Access to school placement
Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) is now available for Hurricane Maria survivors living on both the island and the continental U.S. This pays for hotel and motel rooms needed temporarily. FEMA covers both room and taxes through direct payments to participating hotels and motels.
Eligible applicants must apply to FEMA first. Once approved for the TSA benefit, displaced persons should find a participating hotel and call ahead to confirm that the hotel is participating in the TSA program. Here's a nation-wide map of some of the participating hotels and motels.

FEMA Really Can Help

FEMA takes care of necessary expenses and serious needs that aren't covered by insurance or other forms of assistance.

Funds are available to cover:

  • Moving expenses, unemployment insurance, childcare
  • Repairing or replacing common furniture and appliances
  • Healthcare, dental, and funeral expenses for injuries or death sustained in the disaster
  • Expenses for rent, house repair or home rebuilding
  • Crisis counseling & legal services
"There's only a small period of time (60 days after the disaster was declared) to file for FEMA assistance.  So families and friends of Puerto Ricans on the island must encourage and help them to file as soon as possible," urged Maldonado.