Disabled Parking

You must come into the office anytime between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. The application you fill out is uniquely ordered with a permit number that will eventually appear on your sign, as you can see in this photo. 

Allow a 3 month period to receive your permanent sign.

Please verify you live in the 26th Ward.  If so, then bring:

  1. disabled parking placard or disabled license plate.  These are available from the Secretary of State.
  2. proof of residency (current lease or current utility bill; a driver's license with your current address is valid for both an ID and proof of residency)
  3. $70 in check or money order for initial installation. After that, the yearly fee is $25. (This is waived if you are a disabled veteran or meet Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief requirement.)
Disabled placard of license plates are obtained through the Illinois Secretary of State. Click here for the Secretary of State website. - See more at: http://www.44thward.org/disabled-parking/#sthash.8mMnqSxc.dpuf

The Alderman will then submit a special ordinance to approve your disabled parking request at the following city council meeting.  This will take approximately one month. After that, your permanent sign will be installed in approximately one month. 

Disabled Parking Sign Removal
If the applicant moves, becomes deceased or is no longer a person with a disability, notice must be provided to the Department of Revenue. All requests for sign removal should be submitted to our Ward office or the Department of Revenue.