City Council Passes Maldonado's Sexual Harassment Policy for City Contractors

(March 28, 2018) Chicago City Council passed the Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy for City Contractors Ordinance today. Introduced by Alderman Roberto Maldonado earlier in March, it requires city contractors receiving taxpayer money to have a comprehensive sexual harassment policy to prevent harassment in their workplace.

“Companies that do not care enough to develop and enforce sexual harassment policies have no place sharing in City business,” Alderman Maldonado said.

Under the measure, “Any solicitation for a contract advertised or otherwise communicated on or after June 30, 2018, and any contract entered into as a result of such solicitation, shall include a specification that the contractor shall, in a form or manner prescribed by the chief procurement officer, affirm that the contractor and all of its subcontractors have a Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy.”

Maldonado explained, "This ordinance builds on the previous sexual harassment ordinances passed by City Council and sends a strong message that sexual misconduct will not be tolerated in city government.   Any prime contractor awarded a contract through the Department of Procurement Services beginning in June of 2018 will be required to submit a Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy.  Sub-contractors will be held to the same standard beginning in June of 2019."
"This ordinance will further build public trust and empower all of our citizens to become involved in the contracting opportunities available at the City. "