Block Party Permits

Block Party Permits are free.  Apply for your permit at least 1-2 months before the date of your block party.

Jumping Jack and inflatable Moonwalks (shown on the right at the 1500 block of North Karlov) must be applied for in the 1st quarter of each year.

  1. If your block has never had a party, gather signatures from your neighbors on this Block Party Petition. 
  2. Print the Block Party Application and fill it out. 
  3. make a copy of your ID showing your address on the block.
  4. fax these 3 completed documents to 773-395-0146.
  5. then call our office to confirm we have received it. 

Actions that make a successful block party:

  • Remind your neighbors that you will be hosting the block party before the date, so they may plan accordingly, especially in regards to parking.
  • Remember to keep your noise to a minimum and comply with the City Noise Ordinance.
  • The city does not provide barricades for block parties.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your party.

Jumping Jacks and Inflatable MoonWalks
The Mayors Office on Special Events provides a limited number of Jumping Jacks or inflatable moonwalks to residents to use for block parties.  If you have any questions regarding the Jumping Jacks contact the Mayor's Office of Special Events at (312) 744-3315 or visit Room 703 at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle.

Jumping jacks are distributed on a first serve basis and will be available for use between May 26th - Sept. 4th. Our office will carry a limited amount of applications that will be mailed to the Mayors Office of Special Events for approval.

Special Events  

If you are planning a special event, please give us a call as requirements can vary with the size and scope of the event. For more information visit the Mayor's Office of Special Events.