Alderman Maldonado Calls Emergency Meeting On the Surge of Violence in the Ward

"This morning I met with the new Interim Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson at City Hall.  I expressed my outrage at the leadership's lack of effective police strategies and allocation of police resources that is critical to stop the surge of violence in my ward and throughout the city. 

 What: 2nd Emergency Community Meeting
Who: 25th Police District Commander Anthony Escamilla
When: Tuesday, April 12th @ 4pm
Where: Maternity BVM Church Meeting Room,
3647 W North Avenue



In the last 48 hours in my ward alone, the 14th Police District had a fatal gang related shooting on a residential street at 3054 W. Wabansia and then a shooting just hours ago outside my Ward Office at 2511 W. Division. 

In the 25th Police District gang, drug and prostitution continues despite my constant vigilance to hold the Police Commander accountable for the continual complaints of activity at the same locations.

The community and I have tried to work with our Police Commanders.  We have followed the directive to be the eyes and ears of our blocks and report illegal activity.  And yet the violence continues.  I know I speak for the residents of the 26th Ward when I say this is totally unacceptable. 
We cannot live each day and raise our families under an expectation and acceptance of violence.
I am calling two Emergency Community Meetings with our Police Commanders in the coming weeks and I want ALL of us to express our outrage at this growing violence outside our homes and places of work.  Faith in our police leadership can only be earned through effective, positive outcomes - not more of the same indifference."


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