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Maldonado Pledges to Push Ordinance Requiring Warning Notice Instead of a Tow for First Time Violators

Screenshot_2016-12-01_10.18.56.png(November 30, 2016)--As the City of Chicago's Winter Parking Ban takes effect, Alderman Roberto Maldonado will be urging his fellow Aldermen in the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety to pass a proposed ordinance so that motorists will first receive a warning citation before getting towed.

Maldonado explained, "I'm calling for a warning notice for first time violators of the overnight parking ban. Arterial streets like North Avenue and Kedzie Boulevard are important spots for overnight parking in the 26th Ward--but they can't be used from Dec. 1st to April 1st. Many motorists forget this. They face tickets; worse their car is towed."
According to DNAInfo's Heather Cherone, "the city bans parking on 107 miles of arterial streets from 3 to 7 a.m. daily. The ban is a precautionary measure in case the city needs to plow the streets after a snowfall, but it remains in effect even if it doesn't snow. Drivers who ignore — or forget about — the ban will get socked with a $60 parking ticket, a $150 tow fee and $20 per day in storage fees."

Maldonado continued, "Last December, I submitted an amendment to the Winter Parking Ban which requires city ticketing agents to issue a warning for a first violation.
This  will require some effort on City departments to ensure compliance. But it's worth the effort."