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Ald. Maldonado's Statement on Jury Verdict: "Justice Was Served"

(October 5, 2018)--Upon learning of the jury verdict in the Van Dyke murder trial, Alderman Maldonado said, "I believe justice was served today when Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery."

"Police reform is needed in the City of Chicago and I will not stop working until we get it."

City Council Passes Maldonado's Resolution Urging Legalization of DACA & Parents

(September 20, 2018)--The City Council passed a resolution authored by 26th Ward Alderman Maldonado today, urging the future 2019 Congress to immediately pass legislation to allow parents of U.S. citizen or DACA eligible children to stay and work in the U.S. legally. The resolution calls on Congress to put into law former President Obama’s executive orders allowing undocumented parents of U.S. citizen or DACA eligible children to be eligible for three-year renewable visas that allow them to live and work and care for their children legally in this country.

Maldonado explained, "In the last year, over 50,000 parents – with no criminal convictions – have been deported. These parents were forcibly separated from over 100,000 babies, children, and young people.This is our country’s next generation. Abandoned, traumatized children separated from their families. Vulnerable U.S. citizen children of our society – our government – has a duty to protect. The failure of our political process has opened the door to human misery and suffering. We have an opportunity to close that door and call on our new Congress to change the fate of this future generation of children."

"I have great hope that the entire Chicago City Council will begin the movement to send a message to the candidates running for election to Congress in November that the time has come to work together and pass legislation that will stop the inhumanity of family separation."

Maldonado urged, "anyone who is listening today joins the movement at #StopTheSeparations and commit our future Congress to do the right thing and pass humane laws." 

Alderman Maldonado Creates New Truck Parking Permit

(September 20, 2018)--26th Ward Alderman Roberto Maldonado won the support of the full City Council for a parking ordinance creating a parking permit for small commercial trucks and vans owned by city residents. The ordinance allows owners of commercial trucks and vans to park within a 2 block radius of their home. Residents would receive this Special Parking Permit from their local Alderman's office by request, annually.

"The impetus of this ordinance came from several constituents in my ward who have been ticketed for illegally parking their pick-up trucks or vans on the block where they live. They use these vehicles both for business and personal purposes. I believe it is unfair to penalize our City residents for parking a vehicle they use for their livelihood and their family on the block where they live," Maldonado said.

City residents seeking this Special Parking Permit would be required to submit proof of residency, a current City Sticker, and have no outstanding parking tickets.

Vans and trucks collecting junk would not be eligible.

Resident-owners would only receive one Special Parking Permit. No fee is assessed.

Residents receiving this Special Parking Permit must comply with all other parking ordinances, including Residential Parking Permits, if needed.

"City residents must be able to work and live with more fairness and independence from City oversight," said Maldonado.