Maldonado: Speed Camera Install Won't Protect Children

Despite my opposition, the City installed a speed camera at 1750 N. Pulaski, near Keystone Playlot as a Park Zone traffic measure. Instead, I urged the City to place this camera at Cortland & Pulaski to protect grade school children crossing there to attend McAuliffe Elementary. Read more...


Maldonado's Food Carts Licensing Is Now Law

An estimated 2,000 vendors operating 1,500 carts selling tamales, fruit salads, corn on the cob known as elotes and fresh-brewed coffee could operate legally provided they passed city Health Department muster and pay up $350 every two years for a license. They'd also be required to pay sales taxes.

The City Council passed an historic piece of legislation that Chicago's immigrant entrepreneurs have been fighting for more than a decade. Chicago now joins 24 of America's largest cities by licensing mobile food carts as legal businesses.

“Every entrepreneur in this great city deserves the the opportunity to be a productive citizen,” said Maldonado, chief sponsor of the food carts licensing ordinance and who also buys tamales every Sunday after church. "At a time when the national debate has turned towards demeaning our immigrant population, we must strengthen our laws to bring our immigrant entrepreneurs out of the shadows and give them the respect and legitimacy they deserve for an honest day's work."

BECOME A LICENSED MOBILE PREPARED FOOD VENDOR Apply in person at BACP's Small Business Center,121 North LaSalle Street, Room 800, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm. Or make an appointment by calling 312-744-6249.

Maldonado Supports Resolution for Moratorium on Chart School Expansion

Alderman Roberto Maldonado signed on as co-sponsor of a Chicago City Council Resolution calling for a halt to charter school expansions for the 2015-2016 school year. Maldonado said, "Simply put, it is not sound fiscal policy to fund the creation of more charter schools during a fiscal crisis with a $500M deficit. This has resulted in more than 1,000 layoffs in CPS schools in the last 3 months, with special education and bilingual education effected the most."

He explained, "It is especially disturbing that an independent analysis of CPS data by parent organization Raise Your Hand (IL) has shown that there are more than 12,000 unfilled charter school "seats" available. Despite this evidence, the Illinois State Board of Education has granted charter school licenses--even over the objection of CPS."

Maldonado further explained, "It has been my long-standing position that unless Charter Schools have a proven track record of producing higher quality results, I do not support their replacing our public schools or expanding in the city. This is why there are no charter schools in the 26th Ward."



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